New Centre of the Universe: Vol. 3’ - Various

Compiled and released by ANTI FADE Records in August 2018.
Gouache painting.

‘Around The House’ by Chook Race

Released by Trouble In Mind and Tenth Court in September 2016.
Gouache and ink painting.

‘A to X’ by School Damage

Released by Chapter Music in August 2018.
Linocut and permanent marker.

S/T - School Damage

Released by Chapter Music in June 2017.
Ink, fineliner and digital photo collage.

‘Something New / Phone Drone’ 7” by School Damage

Released on Moontown Records in October 2016.
Ink and fineliner.

S/T - Jam Jar

Self-released in Dec 2018
Ink and fineliner.

Four way split 7” - Sugar Fed Leopards / Empat Lima / Richie 1250 & the Brides of Christ / Tek Tek Ensemble

Released by Happy Hatchet Records in August 2016.
Fineliner and collage.

‘Eat It Up’ 7” by The Living Eyes

Released by Goodbye Boozy in July 2013.
Fineliner and ink.