‘Sentimental Jamboree’, 2015

Fineliner on rag paper

‘Sentimental Jamboree’ is a playful exploration of junk – the discarded, unwanted and forgotten trinkets that define past experience. Created for Mailbox Art Space, this work reimagines the vast array of these mundane leftovers, constructing chaotic environments that reference subject matter from happy meals to fridge magnets to chocolate bar wrappers.

‘Private Assemblage’, 2014

Etching on rag and kozo papers

’Private Assemblageexplores the process of sorting through, ordering and reconstructing fragments of a forgotten past. Through a reimagining of collected objects of domestic space, this installation presents remembering is an inherently creative act.

This work was awarded the McClelland Gallery 2016 Mary and Lou Senini Art Award.

‘Multiple attempts at reconstructing a familiar object, 2014

Screenprints on kozo paper

‘Multiple attempts at reconstructing a familiar object’ responds to recollection as a gathering and reconfiguring of fragments from past experience into new forms. This body of work explores the relationship between personal objects and memory, investigating the shed skin or detritus of everyday existence that informs both a sense of self and personal history.